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An evil Te~tdernef.r. profitable fcruplu. Unn~celfari: fcrupulouf- Cap.12· nefs is when a man maKes a fhr about that - _ in which God?sWord is filent, and makes 'a fin where the Scripture makes none. The priefrs made one while a great fcruple of going into the Pr,etorium,tbehonfe ofa heathen Joh.r8.:8. man, leait they ihould bee ceremonially defiled, and fo held from the Paifeover, but made no matter of defiling themfelves morally with the guilt of Innocent blond. Another while they made a great fcruple of putting th<; momy into their holy Corpan, becaufe thepric~ of blood, but q~tefiioned not: the giving the money unto the {ame end, and taking the blood it felf upon tbemfelveJ and their children, Matt.27 , 25. Thefe tithe mint Mat.23.23 andCummin; andyet negleCt the grand and . wtightie matters of the Law ·' which God gives efpecially in charge, Mercy, trt/. th 1 and Judgement; keepa Hir about wafhin{!, of pots, Mar.7.n. and hands, make nothingof filialldi[obedience to parents ; ftrain at a Gnat, Jw.:sllow a Camelt,;cannot wa,lk upon even ground, yet can dance bare-foot among thorru, and kJ.cft a~ainfl the Prick{. Herod had agreat deal of. this Confcience, he had paffed his word, and given his Oathj to go back wereperjurir, ·but to go forward by virtue of his rafh oath to commit murder is Pietie; when the rule is inju~a vincula rumpit Juflitia. Unnecelfarie and vain fcruples the Apoftle would have us lay afide, 1 C9r.10.25. a;bJng no quefliofJ (in fuch cafes) for Confciem:eft~k!_. . . K 4 ,3. A