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7'he tenderCllnfcientei - ----- theGofpel w~s in d~p.ger? ~~that could in Cap•I 2. o_therthings be ma~e _all t~t.ngJ t o all men:J _ _· . -~- when truth and holmefs tnlght not bee pre~ judiced, wouldnot admi,t of any halting in :Peter, but fell oUt with h~, Refiftedhirn ta the face, and fharply expoituJatcd with hin~. The leaf.t.Jod and 'little of Divine Truth is veryprecious, and not t<? be thrown away~ As the leafi piec-es of Jewels, .or filings of Goki are "j"ery precious, and to be made rimch o£ 1rle tb.Jt brea~ one of tht:fe leafl com– mandement.r, and.teacheth. men JO, . f!!all bee called leafl i,n the Kingdom. of Heaven, _Matt.) .19. In the fecond of the Revelation the Church of . Ephefi.Is is co'mmended by our $aviour for Rev•. 2 • 2 " two things feeming contrar~e , h~r bea~in~ . ~ndnot bearint,, her Patience and Impatience : I k__now thy work.£'" am/labour;.a1!Jd p.atience; and how thoucanfl nut bear them which are evil, but hafi tried them that fay thty areApo{f/u, andare not~ and haftfound them liar! , andbafl born,and haft patienc~, and for my Namer fa~.e h,Tfl. fa.., bou~ed, and haft not fainted. Here is bearing; and not bearing, pati~ncc and not fuffring commended, which fecm .t~ imply <;_ontra• difrions : Brit it is eafily. reconciled. Any ~hing that touched (elfthey couldbear; the leafidim1nution ofDi11ineTruth they could not bear. There is a Patitmce that is a vir· tue fornetimes;an4 fometime~ a fin. there is an Impatience that rn~y fometim.e be a virtue, as is fin~1l. In thyown lheW' Patzcnce, 1n God's caufe ,take heed of too .\ L mu~;b· I