Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The tender Confcienu. Cap. I 2. much Patience ; Suffir t btJU,that truthmay not- -~- fuffer; 'ShewPatience in futfering evil, but in doing ill, and approving evil, Sh'eW thy f'elf impatient, it is then the better virtue. And as .thegood tnan mufr fbew his ten– dernefs in ret:a_iriing of and contending fm• oldTruths·; ·fo ·mufi he take he{dofventing .any new dofrhtfes~ Be not too bufie in ddubtf,./ dijpiuafiun!; Tak~heed of ftamping Gad' J Image' q:ti our Coin, .and writing his [uperfcription _aB~nt' our new' and uncertain ConjeCtures,. and obtruding our own con 7 .ceived riew l.igllts upon the:: world5 credu- . liti~. Thtis ~hay . the falfe prqphets do, of whomwe are fOretold, who fl}all for filthy lucre, or · airy honour, mak~ i11erchandize 'bf f]od1 truth , others fouh , ai1u ·their ow~r Confciences; :1 ~Pet. 2. 3· whofe Judgment jlumbereth not, andwhofe.damnation jleepeth not. How happi<; is that Minifter ·that can fay, I have done nothing againfl the truth, but for ~~~,\1. ;68. the tr~th; I. have nGt fonrwed ~uiznfn~ devijed fa blu zn [ettmg forth the GoJPel ofChrift; nor arewe M mahy who CBrrupt thiword ofGod, but 2 Cor. 2 • 1 7 Mof Jineeritie, artd M ofGod, in thejigbt 'fGod Jfea/twe inChri (t. How fa~ isitOur Cburcl~ lliculd be troubled everyday, and-weakun– frable fouls toffed to and fro with that which was the haunt of the falf prophets of old, I baJJe"dreamed, and I have dreamed, Jer:·23.25. !-low much better were it if all could fay with the Apofrle 1ohn, I write n(} new commande.ment U:Jto you, but the. old,cem· · · · mandemen~