Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The ttftder ton[ cie1tce• mandement whzebJe ·hadfrom thebeginning, andCap~ t 2. that old commatzdement ( he faith it again ) u - - ~ ...,. the -wot'd which ye heard from the beginning, - ·- ' i Joh. 2J7 •• . , ·r • . • . • . > .· _' Trtith is not to be Iooli:ed upon as a Garment that may wax dltl,ahd needeth _tQ benewdrejfed, and fitted to the petfons;arld the times; but as the Sun which rhaine~ i:ts fidl Light,' ~ilfrer) and Majeftie; that thcmgh it bring fo~th the fanie Light ; and appear in the faPneLikenefs ev~ day~ 'y~t is it every daywelcome,'<lnd lookedupd1t with ddight~ . ' ' ' ' ' . · God's Sert~hts have alwaies thoi.tght ~ey C~Uld FlO Wayes do ~ette~ fervice then ill feeking tt> frop fietiJ error/ in their Godrfe~ ot to procute ' L~bettie at1d encot.iragement t.{) ·old'[rufhl; thei·e'fo:r-e hav~ been content td lofe J:llaces-, Offic~s;Idfe, that ' Truth might Ii'Ot lofe g·11o'fthd; and wouUi 'adveu!nre: .arij– ~hing to help· forward Truth. T~ere is ·~ I i1ota:ti1e ftori.e <}fOhe Tereiitima valiant an·cl Fott:una~e ·~&.eh~ra1 U:tider . the Arrian Em• · perouf Valeni; who for the fuanygreat fer.; ·yices he liaddonC.., Was bidden by tlie Em.; perou'tto ask 'Whatfoever he- would fo·r his Reward:, anEl ~e. 'ihottld have it. But it is faiil, h'emade no ufe 9f this latge Offer;to ask: 6old,Siiv~t,Lalhds,or QfHces, bot made tlii>S ohely rt.~ to the .En1per6ur, Tha~ one Pt1blic.k Chtirch might be granted tc>' th-eOrtnod<mand round· Chriftians , who weiie· denied the 'PttbHc-k Exercife. of their L 4\ R€li&ion.