Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

The ttn~er Confcience. Cap. 1 2. Rel~.&ioti.. T.l~e Ernperot'tr in ~rage tore his. ., _ Peuuon mpieces, .and bad h1rn ask fome.. .... what dfe; but he gathered up the torn pieces of his Petition, and mad.e the fame requeil: again,-a:nd faid, Oh EmR~rour,you · ptomifed to gra~t me any Requefi: that I Mtgd.cent. fhould ask, I . hav~ nothing elfe to askbut 4J·C4P·3· this, I will have this,or nothing. - · . ! _ . Thlrdiy, T~ndernefsoffpi,rit will lhew it 3.0 f Gods ·1d£ as in-regard ofGod's Honour and Truth,~ command~. which refer to Gqd, fo in refp,e8: ofwhat– foever d<;>thproceed from GMt;/, as .toyeeld anq fubmit toevery CommandofGod, for he is the, n~~n of .a ·contrite heart, who trembles at hi1 if'orq, Ifai.66.2. ·One word ·of God pre· yailes more ~ith him then a th~fand ftripe.r with afool; w.hen God faith, Gp, he goeth; , w!H:p come, he cometh; when_d_o ~his; .he L k <!oth it; when fly that, hefiieth it. I mufi J~h.6~~!~ · be ~f:out my,Fa_tber,J. bufineJs. I can,1enot hither - . _ to .do .min~ own will; but thewill ofhim that fen~ f!lC. 1;hefe were the WQrds ofthe Son of God: It was an excellent -Expreffion of a· gr.~cious heart, of Baldaffar ·a· G~.rman .Di- - -yr • . v,ine in an Epiftle to Oecolampa4iui, ·/ th~. .--emat, t~e - JA/ d ,IG d , z · · .J ;r b .J rziilt Verbum .-r or OJ o comr, et z.t come, a1zu. we;_t 1 we ~a 1 Domini,& fix f.nmdred neck.!._, would put them all under ,tt. {ubmiitemmThis ma:tJ is now fo ,tractable:, and e;;t.Ge tQ ·– illi,fox_cen. be ruled,that_even a childe with theWord ta nobis fi of God in his hand may lead him, as was 'ffint colla• .c · Id Ir . 6 r0reto , tal. I 1. • 4 .of Gods .. Fourtl1ly, t:llis gracious Confcience doth . :Ihreats. ever y~eld, and_ melt ; ·and brft.llt, under any . · ·_ . Threat_