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The tenderConfcience. 149 Threat of God's Word, or fenfe of ·Gods Cap. I 2• Difpleafure; Thus you read that Joftahwas - ' _ affe8:ed upon the reading the Threats of the , Law his heart was tender, he rent hi1clotber, he m:urned and wept, 2 King.22. 19. But when .. ' the like Roll of Judgment W<ts read in the ears ofJehoiabJ.m, it is charged ·on them as·a figne oftheir gracelefs obftinacie and fecu– ritie, that not a man of them was afraid, nor . rent their garmentJ, n'either the King., nor alfJ of Jer.J6· 24 • !liJ fervantl that beard tbofo WfJrdr. This man . faith, Shall the lion roare, and the btaffJ all trem- Am.3.6,8. bJe? Shall the tr:tmpet found, and the. people tremble ? and fh..1ll the Lord God fpeak, and . we not be afraid l This gracious foul is like · the waterie and dropping cloud , which hangs low, and is full of the Influence of Heaven, and leaves a bleffing where it falls : · wher<:as yourhigh~ftown,fecureperfons,and filch as ip. their. own account need vo repentance, but are pail: it; or like thofe higher and brighter clmlds, .which have nothing inthem. . · .. Fifthly, he cloth much more yeeld and S· Under humble himfelf under God'r mightie hand in. afflictions. afftil1ion, and if God put him into that furnace, he comu forth M gold all melted, and re- Job 23'·IOi fined, and with a new framp, I abhor my fel.h · , and repent in duff and afher, faid JfJb, 42. 6. whereas another uncircumcifed heart will :l}Ot be humbled,nor accept of thepunijbment ofhis iniquitie, but walk contrarie to God, Lev.~~.41 ~ after .h~ hath begun tp walk contrarie .to . · L 3 · him: ·