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'lhe·Good Confoience, theflrongefl Hold•. low to iet in a drop ofwater to endanger it:, It did fhoot off all the Showen that fel down.. wards,and all theFload! that raged upwards. · · ' The like figure whereunto even Baptifme doth norP 1 Pet. 3 .:6 fove us_ (not theputting awaj.the filthof thejie{h, 21. but the anfwer ofagoodCon{ctence towards God) by the Refur:re~jon of Jefot CI:Jrifl, 1 Peter 3· 20. 21. . ' I I Is our Life aSea-fight l Thefe two, Faith, . and good Confcience, '!re our men of warre, wliich we nmft never yeeld \lp to any Enemy, but chufe rather to perHh,and finke .in defen– ding thenh andmaj nyrtning our Trufr. See whatTrophees aChrifiianbrin~s ho.mebyma– king good tl~efe two,'aboye allTroph~es ofhu- . nour, a Conqueror capget from a fpoiled .' 2~or.T.12EneF11y,2Cor. 1. 12. Forour rejqycing is this, · the teftimo'?)' efour Conjcieuce, in fimplicity andgodly fincerity, not with jlefbly wifedome, but by thegr.zce of God, we have /}ad our converfation in theworld, but more abzmdantly to you-wards•. · It had been now an ill time with the Apofile, his fu!ferings ,didabound, v.5~ He was p:effi4 a– bove meafure, and above humqnejfrengtb, Even to . • diffi<~ire oflife, yet even under the{entence and foro~ of death, He had confolations aboun• ding as much as his affii8:ions, and joyes run– nin,q, over above meaJure, if afuictions above meafi1re. ·And all from this Mdgazine and Treafury ofagoodConfcience. _ Th~. fiv~ ln purfuite of this point. I fhall firfi !hew partiCulars what Confcience is. robehan- \xrh h. dC r. ·· • d.led, 2 . ·v at t u go1 OlllClence IS. 3 Give