Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

Cap, I. 20 What Confcience h. '•,, ilght in l'eeret' but openly in the fight of aa , ~ernard;•-, mw . Fe!ix con[cientia, nee fibi in aliquo confcia~ bl;. 2 • dpnec -proprium veretur judicium, nee alienum de confc. ft, BunJJ rd. That is, The found confcience feares no cenfure froin himfelfe; or from any ot.:her man. He doth ever examine himfelfe, and his owne aCtions, and is not afraid that any other n1an fbould examine them; and know all his heart. and his manner of Dealing.r. - · 4 Cum rebut ipfii confcire aut confentire. To _ judgeof things not, ~e~T' ~..J.1 v Jo. 7. 24. By rhef. 5 • 21 omward appearance,Vulgar opinion,worlds eiteem or cuftome,but tojuqt:,e righteouJ j udge– ment Confcience is to trye all things, holding , fafr only what is good; to weigh all in the T:3allanc,e of the Santtuary. Such a one waa uprightCaleb in all refpcch ;hedid. 1. cum deD fc1re, he fully followed the Lord, 2 . cum feipfo fcire he fpake as it was in his heart, and fo here he did czern rebuJ ipfi.r (cirt , he made his report; as bee found t4ings were indeed. -But hete the un·ufi Steward {hewed his difho– nefty, who to 'get a new mafter, or friend, . -cozened his old -Mafrer~ and altered his l3ooks, brought in a falfe acFount, for one ftmu;ne of I o:o:-.h_e ,fet downe fourf.core, for a– :. noTherMfet: .dowl)e fifty; here was neither hondij' nor ConiCic:nce. - lp all thefe fom·e conGderations, Confci·– c-nce may be called the godly mans Counter· pane, anfwering and conforming to foure o· ther Patterns. 1 . Gods tuinde. 2. Our owne. ·3 Other