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What Confcience 11. Cap.r. ~~ 3• Other mens. 4• And to things thnn– felves. And it is the eo nitant and continuall praaife ofthat Art lately fpoken of, (ifthere be at leaft any fuch inv-ention)viz.Of writing feverall Copies at once, with one and the f~mehand. Confcience ir refembled in nothing better, tl1en in that vifion, Ezek.: 1. 5. 1 o. Wherewere foure livingCreatures all alike ; each havingfoure feverall faces ; all went every one the fame way, v. 12. They hadone unHorme motion,and,were aB:ed by one and the[amt Jlirit; or to the foure wheeler, v. 16. ' That were ofone lik_eneffi-_, yet hadfoure diflin£1.' facu, eachoftherri; Aud all .foure were ot one forme and appearcance, yet were fo in– yolved, th.atthey feemed to be ' a Wheele irt a Whule; all had one motion, and one fpirit, went together, fropt together, rofe up togc... ther, and itaid together; for the living jpirit wa1 in theft Wheelu. You will obfervc this mofi lively and dearely in agood confdcticc. GodJ minde is th~ firfi Coppyand Prdtotype, n1y cot:fcience mufr be the exafr counterpane tltTU?l'W orAntitype ofthemindc and 111ill ofGod; 'Th~n myword.r, aCiions and Dealing,.r with others, -m~1fi:be commenfurateunto,and the counterpane of myowne confcience; LafHymy~Uiom, De,t· ling1 and confcience too mufr be cut even with thingnhemfelves. As the t en Curtaines ofthe Tabernacle were all ofommeafure~and didone meet with the other, and were coupled toge– ther, Exod. 26. I, 2. 3• Or as tlfe ten &fos in · Solomons Temple, 1. Kingr7. 37· Theyhad C; all