Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650 Confcience ir. , all one cafting, one meaf'!~c, and one ft;;e. So is conidnrce in thefe his fourefold acts. The man then whom wefcrke, is he who1e judgf-ment ·is contorp1e to truth; his conjcience ,onforming tohisjudgement;thcnhis JJ~i.ll fioo– ping to his conjcience; his Pjfd1ionJ, bowing to~ iuch a f??ill; his expreJ!ion.r aufwering his affeliions, and his al1ions fuiting with-his iX.., preffionr. This is the manofconfckncc,whofc works ar~wrought in God. · 4 Corolla· Hence flow four Corollaries. fies. Corol. 1. Not to aB: aq:ording to God1 minde; and thenatureofthe things _themfelv et, argues an erroneou1 confcience. . Corol. 2. Not to a a: according ~o a man1 owne minde, tlndothers minde, ·argues avery ~orrupt con[cience. . · Corol. 3• To conceive 2lld judge accor.. ping toall f.;ure, is the 'right intelieliualt con.. foience, andun· erringconfcience. · Corol. 4• To act according to fuch a fourefold judgement, is the right praliicall, anq ft,noffrmfive confciepce. . In fumme thus it is:The goodChrifrian muft he competently fcientious, and grounded in principles ofkRowledge; then the underftan– diugly fcientious nmH be cordiallyconfcien– tit·1UJ. Th1: cordially confdentious muH he univerfally ctJn-fentientious;and the thus fcien– #oui, crm-fcienti(Ju and con-fentientiour Chri~ tHan is m~deupofun,znimity:- and uniformity~ . , I 'r'. Vniff.Jrmity in I:Ji.r app.rebenfion! with God, pimfelfo~ other!,. auqthing~ ~b~mfelves in their · own natnre9 , , 2 Vni- • ~ l -~ J.