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. What Confcience is · 2. Vni[trrmity in his 'tJ{iions, whea his thoughts, words, aCtion$, dealings, are ofthe iame meafure, framp and fafhion with his minde> and his minde with Gods ~ninde, &c. This man hath now no more an heart, and ·an 'heart, or one heart, and another hand; . but one heart, one hand, and one way. Er-tfe.;. biuJ-. Lib. 6. c-zp.2.faitho[Origen;This was the Teftimony given ofhim ; As he taught' fo bee ·lived As he livedfohe taught. So lbould it be ~t .·vixit, . the Chriftians Motto ; As he meant he fpake., 1IXzt?u~ dtx As he fpake he did; and as heJPaf<.! and did,[o u~ vzxzt. , · he Ii1ean tand-thouglit. It was· the honour of · our Saviour, that his doing and teaching went together, AfJ. 1. 1. And that he was ali~e migh- ~ in words and deeds~ Luk. ~4· I 9· .. e The good confcience then re1!1ember is a. nmltiplied.knowledge,and fourfold , it is like ·· ·· a ~adripartite in{lrument, containing foure Copies 'of the far;ne tenor, and infcription, f.Very ofwhichmuft exaCtly anfwer the other, . as their counterpane. · ·.A.nd the man ofconfcienceislike a perfect fquare quadrangular Building, whofe length andbredth, and height, an:d depth are all a11ke a~duniforme..Such it is obierved, were the three holiefl peicuand places of worjbip in. t~e 9ld Tefiament,-viz. TheSanCiam Sant1o- 1 Kirg.61J rum inMn{esTabernade,andin So!omonr, and ~o. k.. :F;z,ef)jelJTemples; and alfo in the holy City coz~p:r~'t· rhentioned in the aeW Tdtament, that were wirh 2 all uniforme; Th;~r height, ar.zd bredth, and Chron.3. ~* /e ,zgth were equall, Revel. 2 I· I 6. C4 So