Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

Wh11t a purifteJ Confcience it. be.:zfts to ~Oiner, or young Foxes tograpes; that is erroneous confcience to ChurcheJ , t.o Do- · lirineJ, to frurhs, toGracu, and to .DHtiu. It overturns ;all. £rroneous Confcience engaged Herod under opinion of piety, to deftroy a holy man, t G fave.a wicked<Oath, andgratifie a clamourous woman, Matth. 14. 9· for bir .oathsfa~ the bJnp; commanded John Baptift_s head to bt given ller. Others Jerem. 44· 16. make no fcruple tomake voydGods Commands, becaufc ·they muft tnakc good their own vms. This is the Hnrfe that rufheth headlong into the hat– tiel impatient ofall refiraints : Pqts men of- .ten upon dangerous wayes, ~nddefignes,, yet they f.1.y n0t once, -what have I Jone I Jer,. 8.6. , but il.tppofe their ways are right waye~, and often they think theydo God the greateft fer– viceJwhtn they do the Church the greateft tfif- , forvice. Oh thegrolfemiftakes of erring co'nfciencc! Ft embraceth ablear-eyed Leah, .in... ftead of an imagintd R ache/: It climbes ,the Tre.e ofKnowledge, and cuts down th~ Tree of Life. lt taketh and chufeth a Barabbar, but re– nounct'th and condemneth Chrift JefoJ . It Mar.'7/ a . . will makea Pharifoe [et more by anold TraJi... I'· 12. · tion, then a divine Pre~ept : and a Pharifees di- .Alls 1 1.f9. fciple look more after the Corban, then his du- a,/. 1 • 13 • ·ty tohis aged and indigent Parents. This fet 14. Paul blindfold ~o perfecute and blafpheme P[td. 3• t. Chrifl, onely that he might lhew his zetJl to Mat. 23· 1S God. This makes others compa~both fea and land, to make one their Proftlyte,' who when all i$ done, is but a double childe of htll. Oh .·_ -'