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1.he purifiedConfciette. Ch the wofull work errrmeozu Conftience hath made in all Times, in the pafr Ages of the Church! And this my{ftiry of iniq'-lity work.. eth hitherto" ~nd is (U/J wor~ing more mifTr1-' -- 1 u- chief, ar~id~ our fad an~ difma~l.diftra~i- ..,.~. ons. 11us ·IS one part ot the {pzr ztu ·zil wzc· ,J.C:_111'" k.t-,dneffe inheavenly thinf!,t, or placu, Ephej 6. 12, 7 "> 1 ~ "lfG,· · 1 3· Againfi which mutt be taken the whole ~~~. tr armour of God. This likeSaul hath flain his "'s. ~ t ·urH• t'hou[and.r; not ofPhilifiimv, but l{raelitn. This fd.vlctr;, like that wood which in a bloody day, ·devoured rnore by erring , difordtring , and 2 $am.!8.1 intangling them, thrn the [word devoured, This deftroys more then ignorance, or fuper– fiition, or prophanelfe.This lets go Scripture dutie"t "Jpon more credit ~iven to R evelations. Upon r.his mifiake, a true Prophet once, con– trary tO expreffecommands of God, gave up his faith, obedience, and wirhall his conici– ence, upon a report of a latttr revelation, and an Angeli~all ~pparitioJ:Z , to the old Prophets bare, 6ut falfe affeveration, of a newer and cleerer light, I· King. 1 J.I 8. I am atfo apro– phet tH tbJu art, and an angel fi;tz~e untome by tha w"d of the Lord, ,fqing-; Bring him bac~wtth · thee toeat bre~d, anddrink water: but he lied ltn. to llim. This above all other is the evil confci– ence intended ·in thi1 pl:zr:e. It was nothing . but erriJ.Zg c~nfcience at firft, that caufed Hj– men£u.r andAlexander, t~ relinquiili thm:r for– mer Profeffion, and having put pure confci– ence out ofdoors, they coine to make a tear– ~11 !hipwrack of their fa,itb totally, ,and of their