Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

' What Cunflience ispu.rifiedfrom~ . C;~p. 2. 31 their foulJ ftnal!Jr Enlightened <:onfcience fe iJretb, anddeparleth from evil, this fool r_agetb, and i1 _conjidt:nt, PrDv. 14. 16. Englightened confdence hath his eyes open, :md feeth the angel in the way ; erroneous confcience like the feduced f4lfo Prophet, rufheth forward into the midff of danger. Ertoneous confd... ence, is he whofe deceived heart turn.r him afidt, who feedeth o'! afhei, as the Pn>phet faith, Efay 44· 20. hath a lie in hi.r right hanJ, fo that he cat~not deliver hi.r foul. This is he whofe plague it in his bead, Levit. I 3· 44· TI1is is the man whom ye may bray in a mortar, with aptftell among wheat, yet will not hi1 folly depart from him, Prov. 27. 22. There is more hope of a fool, t-hen of this Qlan, becaufe he is wifer com– monly in his own conceit, then[even men thal can render a reafon, Prov.26.12,16. Erroneous confd~nce is the eye that put.r tlark.._nejfe for light, and light for darltnejfe. It is the mouth that ptttJ hitter for fweet" and [weft for bitter. It is the traveller tha~ leavetb the an– cient patbJ, and the good way, to walk in new w~e.r, W PJU not of God1 ca[ting up, and Scri... ptures chalking ·out, Jer. 1 8.t S A good Confciene muft therefore be puri... lied from Errour. · Thirdly, It mufl: b~purified from naturall From deadneffi, or hardneffi., which is as bad a di- de~~n;ffc .r. r • 1 · or lutfwnes teaJ.e as ett 1erzg,norance, or i!rrour: So that a~- though thou maydl: efcape the fear of ignorance, by the inftructions of Wifdom ; andthe fnare of errour, by the lighu Qf the Go- . / . fpel,