Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

w_hat 4 purified Cenfcience is'~ ·-- fpel, yet jf them be taken in the Pit ofdead.. neffe, and naturall hardneffe, ,thou art never the neerer, thou hafr .{lot yet agood con (ci• ehce, Heb. 9.14. The confcience mufl be pur– from dead workf, th~t it ma} forve the living God. A dead confcience is not for a living God. Onemay be aknowing hypocrite, or an orthodox nonconvert ; but what is he neerer to (aivation, while in this dead.neffe? There is a J)D· 30.12 generation pure in ibcir otvn eye~, yet nnt cltanfed · as to confcience, from their own deadne!fe. , God I' thank thee, I am no Papifl (fay they) noAnabaptift; .Antinomian, Se[lary. .I amaea• tholike Ckriftian; I am anold Prote(tant, but an u?ffanll ijitd Chriftian: and the ocmm(jn carnall Protefram is no better then they. fie iJ blinde a11d cmnot fte afd-r off, and fort,etJ that he iJ' not }et cleat:tJedfrom hi1 old.ftnJ, 2. Pet . 1 . 9· Except . you be re~enerate, and niifed from naturall deadndfe, you cannot .fee the k!,ngrkm 4' God. AI that are not feduceu,as Jefuits,falfeTeach..o ers; or feduced, as coinmon Papifts, Antino– n1i~ns, Libertine5 , Anti-fcripturifts, pro.:. Fhane Atheifrs,and Socinians, are not there- . fore neceffir~!Y faved. There is a plaf,tU in the 1 x· 8 _3 s hear.t, that everyone mufifee and bewail, and rn. · get cured of, ·or elfe it is as pernicious to the foul, and fends more certainly tohell, then any plague or leprofit in the head, .Lev'it. 13 44o We eaUnot that Arm,, or Leg good 7 which is onely not brnifed; wounded, out of 1oynt, when it is benummed, or paralytick: It hath Ro pain incleed, but what ufe is thereof it ? . ' So