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I Whttt confcience ispurijudbJ. So what 'though co?fcience be not .brui[ed, Cap. 2 raging, a?d.tormenung, and out o~ Joynt by _ :::::::::__~ errouP tf It be benummed, fiupt fied ~ or dead ? 'There is no ufe of fi1ch a confcience.. Corifdence muft therefore be purged from deadndfe. '· · Secondly,There be threethingswhich Con- Tl fcience mufr be Purified by,_ wni_ch are. I The thi n~::on· . word. 2 . Bteod. 3. Spirit (If Chrzfi. · fc ience is Firft, The word of Chrift is the Great purifitdby heart Searcher, andC·on~cienc.e Purifier,Heb. ~~~eof 4· I 2. The word ofGod ts q~zclt and Power- Ch;·ift. full, llndua difcerner of the thcmghuand . intentr ofthe be&rt, &c This is the Fanne with whichChriil: doth purge his FJoort, Can(cience. John I 5 . 3. Naw are you okan through the word rvhi~ I have JPok!,n to you, faith Chrift to his Difdples, and for them he prayes, Joh.I7 ·11· SantJijit them through thy truth, thy wordu that fanllifying truth.. This removes thofe before nameddifea[esof confcience. I. This is that which removes ignorance, Pfal. I 19. IO). 1by word ir a lamp to my feet, an'd a light to,mypathr. What can the befi tye fee without a light of Sun, or candle ? What can we know con.. cerning God and his will, without his word? This written word is a m11re [ure difcovery of the minde of God then all apparition!, or the mofi famous particular rwelation1,2 Pet.1.i9. To which ll'e mufl tak.._e heed, and have' recour{e, as to a light fhining ina dark.._,place. !his'giveth lfeowledge ttJ the flmple, _P[al . I 19. 130. T his is klfficieet to remove all ignorance and uncer... ' D tainty