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34 What Confcience i1 purified by. Cap. 2. tainty indivine things. 2 . This rwiftes errour;- , .:,_ •- b~!ng as a voyce behinde us, Ejay ;o. 'li, 1 hine ear ~;all J;ear a word behind thee) Jqying, Thh i1 the way, ~alk.._ i~ it, whenye turn tM the right hatul, and. when ye turn to the left. Thi$ ei1ds all controverjies, Efay 8. 26. To the I>Jw,and to the teftimony : ifthey JPeaJtnot according to this ryord, it is becaufe there is no light in them. This 1 refolves all doubu.How is it written in thelaw~ /NW readefl thou? Lu~ IO· 26. 3• This re– moves deadne'jfe of confcience, andb.~r:lneffi. Is not this word anhammer tofoften the eart? {e;;;~;;; and is not this t~e immhrta/1 Je~d by :Wh!ch.we P[al.u 9 ; are begotten agam? Therefore Davtd find1t1g ?5. his confdence ip a dead frame, pr<;lyeq; A1y foul cleaveth to the duft, quick.§n me according to thy word. Again vq[e )O• It i1 my ·c()mfort io my affiiUion, for thy "tt)()rd hatb quick._ened me. So verfe 93. I will never for~et thy precepts, for with them tho~ haft quick$nedme. The word is the firfr thingbywhich confcience is pur.ifie4, ~nd fet right. This makes the man of Godper· [efJ J and zhorow!J furniJbed to every gaodW;'rft~ 1- Tim. 3· 17. 2 • By :rhc Secon?ly, By thebloodofQhrHHsthccon~ bto~d of fciepce f1:1riJier purified ; we muft not refi in Pu'tH:. the word alone, without this blood, which deanfeth both ~he boo~of Corzfcience, and is fprinkled on the book ofScripture, to givever.– tue to it, Heb. 9· 14. Shall not the blood of Chrift,who through the eternall Spirzt,·ffi.redhim*' felf wit!Jout jpot to God, purge your cnnfoien~e [rvm: 4e~ld fi!Ork.;, ta, forge the l#~ing Goc(? Th,is ~~