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w~Jat confcience iJ p11rijiedhy. 35 is_it that purgeth t?e d.e~le~, and g?llt~ cc~~- Cap. 2. fcience from all h1s dtieaies, and nlthmelie.•,--– ChriHs fpittle opened the eyes ot· two blinde k.. m~n dnce. ~is blo0d ~p~n~th_ t.he eye ot ft~ 9~:_1 blmde confctenceevcr. 1 h1s Is the bloodof · j}rinckjing 1 which alone purH1es theheartfro;~ au ~vi/ confcience, .Heb. 10. 22. So that the foul may now drawnigh to God, with boldadfe and much atii1rancea Other blood, and ob- Read the fervances mjghuerve tomakean Ifraelite un- 9· and Io. . der the law ' legally pure, as to the f!ef'n; chap. ro Onel/ this blood of Chrifr, typirt dby the the Hebr. purification water, the hyffop, fcarltt, blood cf bulls and gcats, can make a Chriftian Evangelically pure before God, and Intemal!J in the court uf ConfCience. Thebook, and people, and all things pertaining to theTabernacle , were con1ecrated with blood, Heb. 9· 22· And almofr ail things .bJ tfge Law were purgedwztb blood: AtJ,dwithout ]beddingof blood there is no remiJJion: To teach us what is n1oreplainly expreifed, 1 Jab. 1. 7· The blood of ]efur Cbr~f1 his Son, cl~.mfeth m ftom ,illfin. Waj1J me, 0 Lord, witb tbir hJffip, and I Jhall P[al. SI.7. be clean: Purge me with tbu blood, .and I1hall be n.biter then th.t fnorl'. ,• 1 hi ~·dly.' Confcience is purged by theSp~- ~ !3Y the rzt of Chnfi, to·"'ether with the word and fpmt of . ' Chr'il: blood : without there be a concurrence ofall 1 • three, the work is not done : not the word ~lone '- without thebloodand [pirit, can effect It ; not theblood, whh~)llt the wordand fpirit; ~or yet the fPirit w lthout both the former. · o~ ·, The