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:36 What Confcience 'it purijiedbJ. --- ~-~- . -;- - ----- ~- -----~ . Cap. 2~ The n'ord is fprinkled on the Confcie~ce to .. inform, .{atiJfte and purifi~ it : The blaod of '"-- - Chrifi is fprinkled on theword(as Exod 24.8. compared with Heb.9. 20.) which it was not filffici(nt to have read,put fprinkled wi~h the blood of the Covenant, to give vertue to it. And theblood it felf muft be :applyed by the fpirit, thatthevertue of it may be brought home to the~confcience. The.llloodof Chrifi: without the fpirit, 'is no better thenhis jlefb without the jp·irit. The flefb profits noihjng, It ~ 'fo. 6; 6; . is the Spirit that quic~eneth. The principaU I ·, · part of fhe worK of purifying Confdencc: belongs to the Spirit.It was that eternal Spi, rit whereby Chrifi offered his Blood, Heb .9r I 4· whichdi~ commend our confdence to God: And this Spirit applying the blood offe· red cloth commendand feal Gods Covenant to our Confciences,. Thus the fpirit heal1 thofe three difeafes ; It properly removes Ig– norance, being the Spirit of I lluminr1tion, Eph•. 1.17 4 This refrifyes Errour, being the fpirit– of Truth, Job 14. 17· This removes Deatl,efl, · being the fpirit of life, Rom.8. 2• This is the great Purifyer, this the Refi ners fire, this the Fullers foape, Malach. 3.2. whereby ChrH\ doth refine and purifte the fnns of Jacob. This the Spirit~~ ]Hdgement aRd Stirit of burning, 1fPherewith God hatb promifed to wajh away the: filth of tpe 4aughter of ZionaEfaJ4·4· .J ' : CHAP~ /