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38. What Confcience is pacijjed from , Cap. 3· Pea_ce as we are ~ornu~to, or are po~ued 1 0f • _ wlule the firol]g man IS Armed;' but IS a reco– vered Peace, regained by dtpofing the Ufur.. 2 Sam. 20. per. Like Ifraels Peace after the iedidous com-, , 22. motion was'quietly fetled whenSheh.'lbJ head · was off. No peace to· confdcnce, while a , :Shebaup in Armes. There is a Peace indeed, 'when Sin and Satan are frrongly armed and keep the houfe, Lu~1 1. 2 I. 1his is no good Peace,this is the peace of ajlujy, not anawaPdx tft:Jed kJnetl confcience : No_wa: io mif~ra~le as Bt!lo pax inch a pe. ·ce, when the fonl 1s at.eafe J n It felf, ta deteriar·.- at peace with Sin, at peace w1rh Sattm, at agretment with Hell ; hut at w '-u and enmity, w lth G:.~d. · C()n{Jimli:' pacat e optima, may be vitifJjepfji ima. In t ali paceamar u udo mea ama– rifuma as t em11rd. or A4 pacem advmit Amara mihi Amaritudo, as .Juniu.r reads that ofHe:;se– kj ah in I(. 38. I 7· Wo to theft t hat~laugh now, Luk;€. 2 s they fha ll .l:mtmt; Wo to them that are at e.~Je ~~l Z~o n , and put Jar from them theevif day, · when th~:y cauje violence tmdraw n(' tSr . If he adde Am· 6 · 1·5 · drunkenmf.r to thirft, and walk in the imagina– on of his heart, and blefs himfelf, faying, I hc~ve peace, and I !hall have peace, God will Deut .'29· not fpare ft1ch a one, but his anger and jea18) 1:9· loufie J1:all Jmoak_ again{f that man. It is the cafe of the godly oftentimt:s to cry fear,fe tr; where no fear and danger is ; And the wic– kednfually qy peace, peace, where no fafety and peace is. Thus ye:t do many Geep, and '!· 1 Mb 1 . 11ve and dk in peace, when Jonah-Iike there 1~S· is th~ greatdt frorm 'of Divine Difpleafure purfuin&