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Jf"hat Confdence i.r pacijjed from. 39 purfuiug them, and the Defrroyer is ready toCap. 3· (wallow ~hem up. They f1nmber and fleep, ____ but their Judgement a.ll the while lin[!eth not, andtheir damnatio~Jlumbre!h no!. For there 2 Pet. 2 . 3 . is no Peace from God to die Wicked, Ifa• 57. ult. . · ' ' 2 It is paci~cd from the rage ofSa! an. Af:.. 2. From . ter confcience hath been delivered from the the rag\! of paws of the ravening Bear, the reign of jir:t; Satan. It muft next feek to be delivered from thejawr of theroaring Lyon' the rage of Satan : This latter is ufi.1ally more terrible, the former moredtJngerour. When Sih is dethroned, the firfr and greateft tvo "is pafr: \Vhen Adonijab ' flies, Sgfomonprefently fucceeds , and is dl:a- i Kin r• blifhed in the throne. Sin once put to flight, so. the King of Pea._ce reigns in the throneofCon– fcience. This is that happy peace and fecurity promifed to the Beleever Mat. I 6.18. Up~ on this Roe~ I wilt build my Church, and the gate! of hell [ball riot prevail ag.zinfl it. This· is the fitmof that other promife, Rom. 16. 20. The God of Pe.ace fhall bruife Satan und!-Jvuu'l feet Jhort!J, £hewing manifeftly, our fecureft peace is when Goa doth not only refrrain, but ruine Satan, Iiot bind I!, but hruife him, not. chainhim up, but treadhim down. The like Prayer, 1 7hef• )·23· · ,The VirJ God of Peace Jan[/;ifie you wholly. · This ·'peace from Satani rage, the god'ly man may for fome time WL~nt, who liatha good and pure confcience. Such awant may ftan~ wid1 a perfell goodconfcience, tho•1gh D4 not \ '