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40 What Confcie~tce is pacifiedfrom; - - - - ----- ··-····· - -- Cap. 3• not with aperfill~ well confcience. Confcien. --- - tia hOJrefte bflna, may be molefte m.;tla. Ames. A • . T he FhiliH:ines often rufbedupon Samp1"cJ£: 16 •9·fan, and gave him many alarums, hee frill 12 •t(. I).!J ft • h h d . n. Th ' . ,. cameo Wlt onour, an Vh.tory; ey come out one way, and fly ft Vfn wai1s. The trouble was his, the lof!e wa~ theirs. Yet thus is many a poore beleever often encountered, , . fome for longer time, fome for ihorter, fome Jlcb. 2 • 1 S• evenal their lifi time,art ~pt in bondage 1 through f of death, a~d him that hatb the power of Deatb, the DefJitl. They mourne, they feare, _ 1 they pray, they cry, -they are weary with waiting for the falvation of God) When .Rom.IJ .26 wHl the redeemer come out of Zion iWhen M<~l. 4· 2 ' will the Angd1 of the Covenant of peace come with Healing under his wings? Paul had not this Peace fometimes~ 2 Cor. 7. s-. we had no rdt, but were troubled on every :fide, withot4t were jightingt, within werefet:~.reJs yet at ano ther tim e cou!d fay, 2 Cor. 2. 14. Thanks be to God who altvaies caufetb Ul 10 / ,' Triumphin Cbrifl:. And Rbm. 8. 31 , 33· 11d finem. If God be[ot uJ., who can be againjf UJ l fYhatJhall [epara te "f from the love of Goa? fhall Tr!buiiJtion, .er Diftreffe, or Ptrflcution, or Temptati(~n &c. Nay in all thefe things ·we a re more then Conquerers through him that hath loved us, yea I am perfwaded that nei– ther t he T emptation , nor the T emp– ter, nor Angels, nor Principalities , nor Powers, nor Lite, nor Death, nor Height, nor Del th, Eo r ~ny Crtata1re jba/1 be abie 11 [epara1t