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what Confcience i! pttcifted from. I 41 ----- fip~rate us from tbhe love o[tdC:o1 in JCe[us .r. Chrift Cap. 3. 011 r Lord. . In t is con Itlon -ortudence,___ faith to the So·ule Retllme to tby Rejf, 0 my . , Soule, for the Lord bath beent Beneficia/1 unto Pfal. 116.7 ·tbee• This is that Peace;which ChrHl i hath Purchaied and Bequeathed to the Beleever ; 7. Peace I leavewithyou, my Peace I give to you. J 0 ' I4· 2 7• h. e. not Peace Qnely with God, and with felfe_, andwithmen in midfr of a Raging, unquiet world, but Peace in Def£-ight of Hell Gate!, and Sathans Darts , Ofthis Peace we may fay as Gideonof his Altar, Judg. 6. 34, Jehovah Shalom, the Lord is God .of this ' Peace, or this Peace is the Peace ofGod. _Thirdly, The third thing Confcience From th~ RightlyPacified is at Peace, and Delivered difpleafurc from, is theDijpleAjure of 'God. This is the QfGod. Higheft StepofSolomons throne, the befipart of our Peace, above both the former, when we can iaybeing jufrifiedbyfaith wehave Peace with God through Je[tu Cbrift. Rom. 5.. 1. This a ·blcifed Peace, when not with .man 5 or fdfe, o'r fin, or Sathan , but withGotJ Reconciled through Chrift. This that' Peace Chrift promifed,which the world cannot Give~ NorDevill takeaway,Jo.I4·27.The peaceot tvhich the Apofrlefpeaketh fo magnifi€ently; calling it, PhH, 4• 7. the Ptact oj GtJd which ~pvp~~et, paffith all untlfrfianding, JJ>hicb jhallguard, .and P!~fid,. t"' •r. h . d - J hr h -:, mBf-t"· engatllon your , eart1 an mirmeJ~I oug fl- · [us Chri ft, This Guards the Soule and Confcicnce from all the feares and a1faw.lts of law, fin, guilt, death, hell:. and Satan. In tkis