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'' . ' 42 What Confcienc~ i.r p4ciftedby. Cap. 3 . this eo ndition the Soule lyeth downe in · .. . Peace, and rifeth in Peace, and faith to the ·1'fal. · ~ · S· Godly jufti6edPerfon in Solomons words, & 4· 8. Eccle. 9 7~ Go thy way, eat thy Bread wi th joy, a12d drink!. thy wine witha merry he11rt; for God now accepteth thy wor4r. . Secondly, There are_ 3 thin:gs which Con• Confctence fcience muft be Pacified by and thofe the ~yj~~i~~~ fame three. by which be~o;e it was Purified (what ever tendes to Purlry ,Tendes·to Peace) viz. 1. The word. 2. The bloud. 3· theSpi· rit ofChrifi. Firfi, By the word of Chrifi Confcience £y the isPacified, andre~ored. to Peace. The word word of efpecially the Gofpell is therefore cald the Chrift. word •f Peace, Ty4ings of Peace, Gofpell of .All. J.o. 3 6 Peace, "Vord and minifrery of Reconci– R.o. to.~ IS · liation. zCor. S· I 8 The Gofpel is the Infl umentum Pacii/Chri_. flian.e, Gods Proclamation; and our Charter ofPet~ce containing the largeft concet11ons o.f Grace, It is anA t1of Obliuion PatTed in Hea– ven, God not imputing our ilnnes to us, and further giving us an Afr. of Indemnity a– gainfr all charges, a4d impeachments oflaw finne, CQnfdence or'Sathan. Thisword we Mar.4. 3 9. mufi produce for our fecurity . It is by t he · 41. wordofChrift,that the winds and ftormcs are Job. 34· 29 laid in the confcience, and a calme made. Jer• 20 • 9· ChHfi ntttereth his voyce, and the wilderReffe ofKadefbdoth tremble; when he fpeaks ' terror, who can give peace ?His word is as fire in the Bqnu. He fo::rietb his fi'(Jrd, the SnoR! u