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What Cf'~foience is pacijjedhy. 43 n[c.Jttered likewoO; lt.r Jikt, morjeh , who can Cap. 3• · ftand before his cold? There is a winttr) and ---– trembling in the confcience. But be fendeth F[al. 147 • forth his wordagaine, a!l~ melteth them. All I7·I8. t~e mighty workes wrought upo~ the foul:, arebymeanes of theword of Chnfr. By th1s word, All. 10. 36. Chrift commeth to the M foule, Preaching Peace. He faith,why areyefeare- Lur~:~i: full; ohyeof ii.ttle faith? why areye troubkd? why doe thot.tgbts arifo inJ~Ui' heart .? By his word he coms into the fad folirary foule, as p 19 . he did to the Difdples. all doores being fhut, 0 ' . 20 ' " and faith, Peace be untoyou. Yea ordinarily ( that you maywaite on the word for tydings ofPeace) The Peace which Chrift cloth create:Jis the fruit ofthe lips of his Minillers, Ifa. 57. I 9. Icreate the fruit of tht Jips• Peace, Peace tnhim that u farre off, and to him that il neere, fai th the Lard, anc[I will heale him. The Minillers F'eei bring Peace, byPreaching th« wordofPeace, If~. s 2 . 7. And th.e feel of BeleeverJ are faid to be !hod withPeace, to walk in waie~ of Peace, thrr;ugh the preparationandEph. 6. l$ , preachingof the Gojpe/1 ofPeace.When the miniHer comes to aplace, or people Preaching Peace, if there be a SoH) and Heire of Peace there, biJPeace fhalt remaine upon that Per[on, Luk. 10. 6. 2. By the BloodofChrift. This is the Proci4· ~ ring ce1ufe ofall our Peace, Co/A1.20. Having By the made ·Peace-:by the bloodof biJCroft. The Peace~~~~ of .. of our Confcience is themfer Hfaeof that fhh bleifeq Perfonall Treaty a1ade between the · Father