Sheffeild - Houston-Packer Collection BJ1471 .S5 1650

44 1Vhat Confcienc~ i:tpttcijieJ hJ• ·ea P· 3. Fat?er and the Son in behalf of ?ndol!e and ___ Rumed man ; theblood of Chnft benig the whole price of it, and all the fatisfa.Cl:ion to hemade,R.em.3.23,24,25· ''Forall havefin· ' ·' ned, andcomeJbort ef theglory fJ/ God: Being "jujl.ijied freely by hi.r Grace,through the lC.edemp.. '' 1ion th&t i1 in Jefu.r Chrifl : Whom God hatb ,_''Jet forth ·to be aprrJpitiation,through faith inhit ' ' blood; to declare hiJ rigbteoufne.ffe for the re• f>; mij:ion of all finr pail, &c. Thebloodef the . Pafchall Lamb upon t.lledoor pofl:' was the ~.I2.23 peace and fecurity oflfraelagainft the deflroytr;. ancl the.hloodof Chrifi upon the foul is th 1 e confdences fecurity alone, againft all re• maining guilt and corruption of fin, rage of Satan, aNddanger ofGods difpleafure. This Heb, 10.1. 51 blood gives the foul all boldnejfe to enter into theholyeft,b_y anewandlivingway,and gives us affurance beforeGod. '· ~-.By the 3• By the Spirit of ChriftJ This is the Pr1~ ~h~i~t~f cr1.atingand ProrJu_ci~g caufe ofPea~e in u1, as ' . ' the blood of Chnft ~as theProcHrtng caufe_ o( Peace /M u1. For' this reafon, Chrift and the Ha~ Gbofl are called by one and the fame name, becaufe their end aad bufine£fe is the fame, to procme Peace to the foul. Chrifr is an AdvocaJcor Par~clete, I Joh.2.. I. The ho– lyGhoft is anAdvocateor Par"elete 1 Joh If·I 6. The word is the fame in the Originall : But the difference, Chrift is our Advocate, ,theholyGhoft isGods Advocate : Chrifl is our Advocate r¥ith the Father, procuring peace: " the holy ·Ghofi is an Advocate or Paraclete {roTII