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'(he offices1{Co,fcienet. ----- from the F~ther producing_ ~ace•• Ch_ri.G. is Cap. 4 • our Advocate to God, prevadmg wuh htm tor __ g?anting peace : The Spirit is Gods Advocate J~· r s. 2' l to us prevailing with us to entertain peace: &14·16, This is the D01.Je with theOli'IJebranch_,which 26 8 goes and r~turns· till thewaters are affwaged, Gen. ·I 1 pry land appear, and_danger beover. This appiyes thew~rdand promife which proclaims our peace; this applyes the blood of Chrift which proCJ.trtJ our peace; this hath the laft bt~nd, and confummating ftroke in our peace making. Therefore this 1oy and peace of confcience is denominated from the Spi~ rit, jl!)'i~t the h1ly Ghoft, Rom.I4·'7· The frail of the Spirit is il!Y• PttJCt, Gal.5 .22• . ' CHAP. IV~ 7:he Ofjkelof Gonjeienct• .Ill. JNou~ d~finitiop ofa good. confcie~ce, Tchhap t~ _ ..· I fatd It was that confc1ence whtch e 0 f t1 · b . .. c. d d .fi d L b ces o con~ · cmgpun1ye an pac1 e , aut regular!Jper- fcience. fwm all hi1 Officel.] Confcience is abfolutel! rh: greateft Offi– c_er_ under Heaven, and Is wuhout contra- · diaion the greatefi Reprefontt~tive in all the World, it is Gods immediateVice-getent,hath a dtlegatim from God :Whence we common• ly fay, vox Confcientite,vo:te Dei. The voice of God is in thevoi~~ of Confcience, And the . . . . A8:t