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The ojfice.t ofconfciente 5x - . Cot1fcience is a w.itn~fs, and is like ohe ofC'lP· 4• · thofe two famous Witn~ffes fpoken of, Revel. • • .. 1 x. 3· who prophejied in facf<:Joth, defpifed,and · oppo(edby the men of the world,as the g_reat Rev. 11 . 3 .; heart troubler, and w.orldl tormenter; they re~ s· 6 &c• joyctd, inademerry, and fimt giftswhen they werl! jlain; thefe brought all plagues from heaven among men, and could ihut;up Heaven itfelj; tire came out of their mouth ; yet kill this if thou darefr, and keep it down if thou canfr, it will rife again after a few days, fiand upon his feet) the fight thereof will terrifie and difmay thee, but thou ihalt know it will go up to Heaven, there to accufe and c<»ndemri thee. 4• The fourth Officeof coilfdence is ]~t- confdeii· diciall and Judge-li~] It doth paffe Centence ec~ judkhil on thee, and read thy doom : Hence men are office. faid to~e convicted of their own Cun(cience.r, Joh.8. 9· ~ome are faid to be felf condemned, '1it.3. 1 1. Happy is he that condemneth not him.. · folf, Rol)l. 1 4·22. If our heart, that is, our confcience, ctmdemn UJ, God is greater thenour hearts, to condemn NI farther ; But if cur heart condemn u1 nst, then liavew~ conftdenae towardi God, I Joh.3.20,2 I. Confdences fentence is the fore-run~er of the laft judgement. Prte~ judicium Di7.ji~i judicii, as Jofeph interpreted the two prifoners dreams, Pharaoh made it good. Hie t:rucem foeleriJ precium tulit,alter bonnru~ Gm.~p..13. It came to paffe, faith the Butler E z to