Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

124 1 T'heParableoft!Je ~~~~~----~~-~~~--~--~-----! Ufet. , of light, andfuff<:r men ro go ro Chrilt .•nd Golf:el, ro avoid rhe fe.Jrc11, thn:rhey ! may be Chnfis m •ppe.trance, and hts indeed, 2 Cor+4· _He h1rh .1 miglury i power over men robhncl rhe:n: For rherc be rhree thlllg' wiHch rr<lu~le men:n- \ 1 iu;~lly, and make them quellion rhei.r ellarcs, and rb~ Gofyel quiet< and abfo. Jwe.; rbem f,~rn all. , r, Con[cience, that cries dolefully fomerimes, tbcfe tins !hall h.1ve cbefewi'Ule'. ! Yes, un!effe I believe; but I belteve, and rr.ull ro Chrill , and to C»D>.dl> Mercy. - 2. Mini!hy, that cries and felrche.h imo the deepellwindings of m.enshemrs, i rhac men cannot but fee rh,,rChri!t bath eye; of fbming fire to fee through rbe111. ·: Now henC<! men avoid the llroke and power of all Miniftrv, rhus it is witb me. ; drus ir willbcwirh me, bud believe andrrulho Chrift. ·A'ld hence men'benr· back like Brazen w,,!ls all Blowes. : 3· Gops judgment-fear. Whlt though n:en fee you not, yer God feeilln. i Why, they have tinned rhey confeffe, ~Jut ChriH h.1rb fuffered, chey have 11nnedl. 11 buuhey trult, &c. Micah 3.II. Is not the Lord mmmg m? Look ns iirwas ~ \vtth J011b, he runsto the Horns of the Altar, yerrhere he perifheth, there he .waw.ld ' 1 die, there was rhe lafi refuge fro:n fearch and de .; rh, fo here. I SECT. IH. I ·1 HEnce do nor think your eGares good, bec:mfe yau lo0k only for jufttficmooa 1 by Chrill. and look only to Gods free Grace, and coum of GraceinChr.ifL · 1 Its acommon errour for men to think , being they be of this opinion, {).lily oo: .look for Grace in Chrift, to think that therefore their efta~s are fafe, and lh!J I are juHified by CluiH. Why there may be fuch a power of Word and 'Spiriiu:o conquer their judgmemrs as thofe Papills drat have been pleading aga.infi it, !have . been overcome byir. Thou maill: receive the Nmions of it in thy Ha1d, 'bw:ilhe power of it ne\'er into thy Heart. obj. [. But my heart harh been aife6l:ed with this, to fee when myiim&:- fet\·e d. each; yeHhere is mercy forthe vileft in ChriH. ,. Anfw. Thou maill tafi and joy, and yet fall otf at !aft ' . Oh;.2. But I have Fellowiliip with the Lord Jefus. Ahfw. Thou maift eat and drink in his prefence, and yet be bid Dep:mt ~ I k!fowy•u:not, a worf:!r of ini'Juity. · Oh}-3· Buri have cfcaped thepollution~f the world, 1. Pet.1.,20. And thatthtol~ rhis kn0wledge of Chrift, his love harh much moved me to pmwith my iins. Anfw. It ntay be fo, and it may walh thee from all external pollution>; md ' yet thy fwil'lilh nature remain Hill .hidden from rhee, but feen cf an all-fecing God. OIYi+ But I look for Chrifi, and wait for him and him, and all that Jre wife think well ofme. · Anfw. You may do all this, and yet you may be found fooliO• for all this. Evangelical work which is accompanied with Salvation in fame, it may be Hypocritical in thee : And therefore take heed yoo do not take lbews for fubfianoe. · For look as in rhe Gofpel Gods urmoft perfe6l:ion of wifdom and love appears, f1> l rhe molt bidden and admir~blc deluii.ons of Satan are Evangelical. There his pGWer is employed to undermine, and fo to keep his head. Oh rhaG we could but imagine ~nd !er before our eyes the amazing condition of fuch aman! whofe plagues l11all be made wonderful!, chat harh been troubled with fin a long time, lat !all: looks to Chrifi, and there re!l:s, and fo hears all Sermons, and there Hill ) flceps, andconii.dersofren due his waies are evil, but never fufpe6l:s his Faith to be evil, then he comes eo die, and then looks for Chrift ; at I aft the week or fnuff dies,