Shepard - BT378 T4 S44 1660

ten Virgins Opened an4_!_!f!}e_~_· _ _ 77 came downfrOJl Goj, and apce.u:;; with T::b!c' in his hands, &.c. So when Chrifi comes to make any his people, he co:res as Mediator of a .berrer Teil aiT'em, Hcb. 7 • 22. On Mo~~ntSion, Heb. 12. n, 24. ~ow look as ~t WJ'IVtth the I[- raelites, 2 Cor. 3· they had rhe Cov~namofC~nJt, and Chntt reve 1'ed ;_bur as Mofes face was c~vered, fo them w.;s, and Chrilhbe--e WJs vatled ove;·With the Law even rhe Moral 'Lawwritreninllone. Hence there WJS avail on their hear~stoo, rhey could not fee Cbri!l:, the end ofrhe L•w, bur on ly rhe Vail; vi"'. the Lnv, and hence looke? for lif7 by char, ~~cl hence were hadene d ag~ in!l: ChriH:, Rom. 9· 31, p. So 'm the tmlery and blmdneife of many people at this / day, rhe~ ice rhe Lord Je~us .' ~ut wit~ his vail mr: for pe:Jple ~ing nor able to fee Jnd pnze rhe glory ol Chn!ltm~ne2utly , the Y:ord apfears wnh the law firll, reouir in" rhis and char, and rhey endeavour to do 1t; and hence tf rhey cannot, rh~y con~forr rhemfelves with rhis, the Lord accepts my endeavours , not feeing rhe hnocrifie of rhem , or elfii! rhey are nevli!r at reacc, or very feldom; and why ? bec~ufe rhey fee nor ro the end of chat which is abolilhed, neve: faw the end, tbe Lord Jefus Chdt. Now therefore when the Lord reveals h1mfelf, the Lord makes him!eifknown wi1hour the vail, fo char when confcience crie> you mufl: do what ever is com :n~ nded, or clye , the Lord Jefus now comesand appears , and faith , therefore fee whar need thou haft of me, who have fulfilled all Righreot.fnef<, and done all. Re,eive me:: char have done it, and thou fualr live_. Oh bur may I now live a< Li!l:? Am I now freefrom the Lm? No, 'ris to be rhy Rule aiH!.Iife in P.eavcn, but I will write my Laws in thy heart, and e11u{e. thee to walk.. in wy wayes. Hence rhe foul fees all done for him ; I. In Ch·:itt. 2. All chat he is to do for Chrifl: ; he fees it not in mem> , nor in "himfdf, but in the Lords pro:nife , and here Faith hangs, and hath peace. ' For rwo things trouble, Fir!l:, I have broke rhe fir!l: Covenant of the Law, Chrift appears not as one . rhat exJetsrhe Debt, bur ~s one char come;ro enrich him when poor. _ Secondly, I cannot walk ~fter ir as a Rule, Chri!l: appears in this Covenanr, and pro!I!iferh rocaufe him to do it; and hence after all depmings from the Lord, he will not depart further by unbel'ef, bur fees the end of the Law, which is Chrift, rh .1t in him he may perform rhe Covenant, and by him be !lrengrhned to walk with him as after a.Rule : For rhe Covenant of Grace is not , Chrilt will be righteoufnd1e ro thee if rh'o(lwilt walk after rhe Law as a Rule, bur Chrifi IYill do both : and this rhe foul fees in it's Glory, elie it's no fight. Hence z Cor. 1 1 3. Goffel is called The miniftration ofGlory, which no carnal heart can fee , for . the vai! is taken away when it mrns to rhe Lord, and fees him. , The SJinrs only with open £ace behold this: 'Tis rruefora ri•nethey may make of ChriftaMofes,asPeter,Lu".! 5.8. Lorddepartfromme, I am a.finful man. And the Lord may d~al roughly with them to humble them, as Jofeph did ro his Breth·cn, but it will n0r ever hold ; and the Lord appearing rhus eo them that have been Huno by the Law, and that killing lecrer, noN the Lord appears in inefflble Bewry and <?lory ; To others there is nothing in it , they may fee this, yet nor beheve. . 3. In feeing theLord in the Glory of his Grace, or firneffe for him , and rhis 1'> rhe :mi1 : forlookas 'ris in Marriage, there is a refDCet to Beauty and feature, and thJt draw>. N01v a Wom~n fo:r..etimes appears to one fo, char tho~'gh Pornon beg"ear, d/c. yet he cannot like, another can becaufe God h~tb a hand in ir, ~nd wh,•t fit~ rhe fmcy, that's beauty: there,is a futab leneffeevery way. So Chri(l ts prefcmed with a rich portion ro many , and yet they c.mnar like,- cannot fee a BeaHty, becau!e they cannot fee a firnetfe and furableneffe ro them, and for them: a~Olher m~n can, becaufe he feel a 5rnelfe and fut.tbleneife in rhe Lord Jefus for h1m, in refpecl:of hts mifery~adlin,-and his gr'ICious difpofirion, John 1.14. But we fa., his glory full of Grace .wd tr~~tb. Pj111lm45· 2, ThoHilrt fairer tban the L 3 · children