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2 °To the Reader. _ ,,6411-1?. __. í`:`- ters : ,i bePentfor the falver drops and fhowres ? If r for rain affeEt thee, be not ungratefulfor the latt- .God could have men to value hù fervant.t, and praife VI 4'or eir labours. _flat t, y heave errours in them. 4e it f call we refute topraife Godfor the Flamers and the Coon, be- tfe?iiete..e fonw PIA . the Garden, and T.hrittles in the Field ? Pre- eenet at felf k-y, r ..a, take thy delight c Here is a Gardenwithout !di, a Corn Field without Cockle or Par net» horn or Tbifile..61 1t thou iincere,`Converr ? Irrefife truths fuitsblcfolid,andwbolefume, thou yell eedand feaft w.thcut fear. at, Author is one o f jngular t,p^ty,tnward acquaintance Withggod,skii d the deceits ofwens hearts,ab.e art en?igbten the dark corners of the little rld, and, to give fatisfat ion to ltaggering /pints. His work need not the f leadf thcrscommendation to adorn it But beeaufe cu fto+ne,not rtccef I s' it is' 'ri theprerogative to tree el without a pafport, ) % fkr.lecaufc cktitatifetb Truth to crave and carry E iflles,commendatory; know that or s weigbty,quicr;andfpiritudl,and if thine eye be tingle in peAit- , it, those Ailtfind many preccione foul- fear;hing,foul-quiaking,and foul. ichin, truths in it ? yea,be fo warned and awakened aT that thoucan't not blefs God for the man andratter, unlefs thou be pop fled with a fetttlude ChriftianReader takeb-ed o f unthankfulnefs fpiritùai ctes ould have the quickeft and fu!left praifes. Sub is this work, thou 04,,,q, it not,thou,:ontributedit nothing to the birth ofThies apreventing ; y,Tifit,and other of the fame nature, god bath made knowledge to aa- Il d,:ihrwaters a f the SanP1uaryare daily increafed,aatdgrown deep. Let ;w:aters ofthe San&uary put out th efire of the San&uary. If there pmai[e here, is no firc.If thy head be like a Winters Sun, full oflight, Veart rake aWinters earth without fruit,fear legit thy end in at- da..knefs,and the Tree of knowledge deprive the of tl e Treeof life. tic Lord grant thoumayeft find fuck benefit by ibis word,as that thy icart ak: kifv?fbed with Truth,andrailed topraife God topurpofe,andmade to y, Lordgill lend forth thy light and tratth, that they rnay lead tas ó S Y ' c- A4 Thine in Chriity W. Greenhill.-