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The Contents. 7 be Contents ofthe chief Heads ofthis 7' THefirft Principle,That there is a God. Four grounds toprove there is a God. Several objec`lions denying a God,anfwered. A difcc very ofAtheifin in opinion. difcovery of Atheifr in praClice. An exhortation to fee and behold this God. We mufi make choice of this Godfor our God. The happinefs ofthole that forf4ke allfor thif. That God is moff glorious, fhewed in four Firff in his Effence. Secondly in his .,;lttri, An excellent explanation of theAttributes_ ;' 1.Spiritual.2. Living. 3. Infinite. q.. E,ter4 fufficient.6. Omnipotent.7. feeing,8. I O. fl juff,a merciful God. ' Thirdly,God is glorious in his perfon. Fourthly,in his works, The fecund Principle, That God made all nm.ari glorious and happy eftate like bimfelf. } glory and bleffednefs of man did appear. The Image of God in man did appear in four pa 1. In his underflanding.2.In his affedions. 3.IJ 4. In hú life. 17, The horrible nature of A And how juffly Godmight requiremans per ence to the wholeLaw. Mans eagle oflamentationfor his lots in Ada That we are more perfectly righteous in Chri could have been in Adam. A reproof to 3 forts of men. i Such as art afhasme linefs. 2.Thofethat hateholinefs,3.thofe3 forts ofmen tent themfelves with a certain meafure of hol TheFormalif . 23. 2. The felf-condemned 24. 3. The pining anddevout Hypocrite.