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The Sincere Convert. 103 4. The wayof Formality,whcreby Ca men reli Few are ved,. and in the performance ofmolt or ofal l external that with dirties without inward life, A2ark,1.14. E- dit culty. very man mull havefome Re1gori,, fme r t, leaves to hide their nakednefs. Now this Re -- 4.! he wq legion mull be`either trueReligion,or the falle °'rj' - one; the true he rpull either rake up the power 14cy' of it, but that he will not, becaufe it is bur -' denfàm ; or the form of it and this being eafie men embrace it as their God, and wil' rather loofe their lives than their Religion thus taken up. This, form of Religion is the eafieff Religion in the world ; partly, brc ufe is eafeth men of trouble ofconfcience, »et- ing that : Thou hail finned, faith confcience, and God is offended, take a book andpray, keep thy confcience better,and bring th,,' Bible with thee. Now confcience is fluent, being ' charmed down with the form of Religion, as the Devil is driven away ( as they fay ) with holy water ; partly alfo becanfe.the formof The 'in- s Relig ion credits a man , partly b'ecaufe it is fciencí ót a n eafie in it felf;. it's ofa lightcarriage, bein g rite n e. but the íhadow and pikùre ofthe fubflance are often ofReligion ; as now, what an eafie matter it, eaced is tó come toChurch ? They hear(at !call out- 'folth of wardly) very attentively anhour and more, reliioi, . and then to turn to-a proof, and to turn down' a leaf ; here's the form. But now to fpendSa- turday night, and all the wholeSabbath day mourning, in trimming the Lamp,and in get- ting oy i in the heart to meet the Bridegroom the next day, and fo meet him in the Word, and there to tremble at thevoice of God, and H 4 fuck