Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

Th incere Convert. to chewupon it. One man is taken up with fuits in Law, and another almoft eaten up with furtithip, andcarking cares how to pay Lis debts, and provide for his own, another bath a great charge and few friends, and he faith the world is hard, and hence like a Mole roots in the earth, week -days, and Sabbath dayes ; .1' he world thus calling them one one tide, and lulls on another, and theDevil on the other fide, they have no leafure to confider ofDeath, Devil, God, nor them/elves, Hell, nor Heaven. The Minifler cries and knocks without, but there is fuch a noife and lumber of tumultuous lul?:s and vain thoughts in their heartsand beads, that all good thoughts are fad unwelcorn guetls,and are knockt down prelently. ar Thirdly becaufe if they have leafure they Wi ked' are afraid to know it. . Hence people cry out men are a- of Mini±lers, that they damn all, and will hear &raid to them no more and theyywill'not be fuch fools- know their as to believeall that futtt fay ; the rcafon is; miferies. they are afraid to know the worft of them- (elves ; theyare afraid to becut, and therefore cannot endure the Chirurgion ; they think to be troubled in mind as others are, is the very high rode to defpair -and therefore ifthey do hear a tale, how one after hearing a' Sermon, grew dii}ra&ed, or drown'd, or hang'd him- fell, it lhall be an Item and a warning to them, as long as they live for troubling their hearts about fuch matters. Men of guilty confcien- ces ( hence) flue from the face of ,God as pri- foners from the Judge, as debtors from the creditor, Mans per- dition is of hinztelf.. Many men fo taken with the cares of the world, thy never think of death, God, nor themfelves.