Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

`-c-a.+».-g-,.... ,x: :-i, ,.- ' ---pg - t` -r..,. $í 112 Mans per- cerdicor, But if the Lord of Hoff can catch dilon of you, you mull and thail feel with horrour of himfelf. heart that which you fear a little now., Rear= 4. Fourthly, becaufe if they be free from this Wicked foolifh fear, they cannot fee their mifery, by men can- reafon that they look upon their effaces not fee through falfe gfaffes, and by venue of many their rn1Ce- fade rinci les in their minds the cheat them- ry becaufe }' they look felves, in Which falfe Principlesare thefe principally; fa feglaffes I will but name them. is Firfi , They conceive God that made them , will not be fo cruel as to damne them. 2. Secondly, B, °caute they feel no mifery C but are verywell) therefore they fear none. 3. Thirdly,BecaufeGod bleffeth them in their outwrd eftates, in their corn, children, call- ing, friends, &c. would God bleffe them fo, if he did not love them ? 4. Fourthly, Becaufe, they think fin to be no great evil ; for all aril fanners, to this cannot mifchief them. Fifthly, Becaufe they think Gods mercy is above all his works,though fin be vile, yet con- ceiving God to be all mercy, all honey,andno juftice,they think they are well. 6. Sixtiy, Becaufe they think Chrift died for all fanners, and they contelle themfelves to be great ones. 7. Seventhly, Becaufe they hope well, and fo think to havewell Eigl thly, Becaufe they dolsmoft-do, who never crying out oftheir fins while they lived ,l and The SincereCo, 't. } S.