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The Sincere Convert. ' 113 per- and dying like lambs at tail: they doubt not dition is of for their parts,but doing as fuch do, they Ihall iumfelf. die happily,as others have done. LeVN,) Ninthly,becaufe their defires and hearts are 9. good as they think. Tenthly,becaufe they do as well as God will a Oó give them grace, and fo God is in the fault onely if they perish. Thefe are the reafons and grOurids upon which profane people are deceived. Now it followeth to thew the grounds on The 2.d. which the finer fort mifc rry. fort.IiolA Secondly,hollow Profeffors cheat and co.en low P1° their own fouls. our Church,as it is in 'fell:>rS-e calve their an old Wood;where there are many tell Trees, own fouls. yet cut them& fearch them deeply,they prove How pithlefs,hollow,unfóund creatures.Thefe men ilcorne to be twill their. Own ruine with a finer threed, and /deceived can juggle better then the common fort, and about their caft milts before their own eyes, and fo cheat fpirinial their own fauls.It's Mt-lifters fir fl- work to eLtates; turnme fromdarknefs into this light,Aas 245. x 8.& the Spirits firft work to convincemen of fin, john r 6:9.And therefore it's people main work to know the worft at firft of themfelves. Now the caufe of there mens miftaking is three-fold. a.UUrrder- Firft, the fpiritual madnefs and drunkennefs standing. of their Vnderffbinding. Contd. Secondly, the falfebaítard peace begot and ;.wil nourifhed in the Confcience. Seven di- Thirdly, the flue, and fecret diftempers cif íèempers the Will. !tithe mind of Firft, thereare there 7. drunkendiftempers man, I in