Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

c,- -.. -,-.c.^.ar --m.-i_ r '-«,-..- _ . ,,.,_..=cì. ....e:-...,. -«--.+.r:.+5: ,.'.::.....+ t- ..... s.-b...:.- ;: <' 4 ( the Sincere Convert. Mans per- di.ion is od himfelf: 1..:Arr0- gy Arrogant men are like che proud. Pharifee, I am not as other men. in the underffanding or mind ofman, where-i by he cometh to be molt miferably deceiv- ed. Firff, the underfiandings Arrogancy. You, fl.all never fee a man mean and vile in his own eyes, deceived, Pfal.z5.9. but a proud man or woman is often cheated. Hence proud Ha- man thought furely he was che man whom the King would Honour, when truth was intend- ed for poor Mordicai : For, pride having once over-fpread the mind, it ever bath this property, it makes à penny ftand for a pound,,, a fpark is blownup to a flame,it makes.a grcat .matter ofa little feerninggrace ; and therefore' the proud Prarifee, when he cameto reckon with himfelf, he takes his poor Counter, that is,[ am not as other men, nor as this Publican.,& Pets it down for i o00 1. that is, he efleems of hirnfelf as a very rich man for it : fo many a man becaufe he hash fome good thing in him - felt, as, he ,is pitiful to the poor, he is a true man though a poor man, he was never given to Wine or Women: he magnifieth hirKfelf for this title, and fo deceives and over reckons himíclf. There are your Briflow flones, like Diamonds, and many cheaters cozen Coun- try folks with them, that defire to be fine,and know not what Diamonds are. So many men are defirous to behoneft, and to be'reputed fo, not knowing what true grace means, There- fore, Bri flow ftones are pearls in their eyes. A little feeming grace chines fo bright in their eyes, that they are half bewitched by it, to thin; highly ofthemfelves, although they be but