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The Sincere Convert., gut glittering kerning Jewels in a Swines Mans per, fnout. A cab of Doves dung was fold in Sa- dic on as of maria's time of famine at a great rate ; a mane living in fuch a place where all about him are either, ignorant, or profane, or civil, a little moral honefty( dung in refpeft of true grace ) goes a great way, and is efteemed highly of and he is as honeft a man as ever lived. To a man that looks through a red glafs, all things appear red ; a man looking upon hirnfelf through fome fair fpetacles,through fome one good thingwhich hehath ii himfelf, appears fair to him. it is faid, Luke 20.ult. The Pha rifees devoured widows houfes. Might not this racking of rents make them queftion their eflates? No. Why ? They for pretencemade lonor prayer: fo,' many men are drunk, now and then but they are lorry ; they can- not but fin , but their defires are good they talk idly , but they live honeftly they do ill fometimes, but they mean well. Thus when fome good things are feen in them- felves pride puffes them up with an over- weening conceit ofit, and fo they cozen their COLT'S. 1.Obíl2- Secondly , the underilandings'obfiinacy : na a whereby the mind having been long rooted i in this opinion, that Iam in a good eflate will not fuller this conceit to be pli<ckt out of it.' Now your old rooted yet rotten pro- feffors, having grown long in a good conceit of themfelves, will not beleeve that they have been fools all their life time, and therefore now muf} pull down,and lay the foundation Iz a aitt.