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' I2 I Mans per- 'confciente tels them they mull not fin, their dition of hearts and lafts fay they muff fin ; and here himUelf. forfooth is flefh and fpirit : Oh no, here is confcience and 'Lift onely by theears together ; The ftri. which ftriving Herod, 13 alaam, Pilate, or the sins of vileft reprobate in theworld may have. Such conlcience a war argueth not any grace in the heart but and loft, every re- rather more firengthof corruption, and more probate power of fin in the heart.: as 'cis nowonder my have. ifa bode run away when he is loOfe ; but when his bit and his bridle is in his mouth ; now to be wild, argueth he is altogether untarredand fubdued. Take heed thereforeof judgingyour eftate to be good, becaufe of fome backward- nefre of your hearts to commit fome finnes though little fins; for thy fins may be, and it is moil: certain, are more powerful' in thee, then inothers that have not the like fcruglings, becaufe they have not fuch checks as thouhaft to reliraine thee. Know therefore that the ftrivingof thefpirit againil theflefb, is againft finjecaufe it fin; as a man hates a Toad, though he be never poyfoned by it, But the {hiving ofthy Confcience againft fin, is onely againff fin, becaufe it is a troublinj- or a damn- '1 he itriving of the rpirit againft the fiefh, is from a deadly hatred offin, Rom. 7. 15. liltAiyfirivjksi pispnidenceagailififin is onely from a fear of the danger of fin. For Baalamhad a mind to curfe the ifraelite% for his monies fake, but if he might have had an rhoufe full of flyer and gold, (which is a good- ly thing in a covetouSeye) it is faid, Ile durft not curfe them. Thirdly, The SincereConvert.