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ra - f . 130 Mains per- dition is of himfelf. 2 Kings to. :. TheSincere Convert. waggs cut of Chrift are not. Fourthly, in judging of Gods love to them, by aiming fomeimes at the glory of God. Is this poflìble, that a man fhould aim at Gods glory and yet peri,h ? Yes and ordinarily too : ,Ai man may be liberali to the poor , maintain the Miniîtry, be forward and nand for good things, hence he may not doubt but that God loves him : but here's the difference, though a wicked man may make Gods glory in force particular things his end, yet he 'never makes it his general' courfe, his outmoft and laft end; A fubtile Apprentice may do all his Maters work, but he may take the gain to himfi`lr, or divide it beiwixt his Mafter and himfel.ft and fo may be but a knave, and ab- fervant as he fecros to be : So a fubtile heart ( yet a villainous heart) may forfake all the world as ; 7udaa did, may bind himfelf Ap- prentice to all the duties God requires out- wardly at his hands, and fo do good works; but what's his laft end ? It's that hemight gain refped or place, or that Chrift may have fome part of the glory, and he another. Simon Ma- pa would give any money fometimes that he could pray fo well, know fo ankh, and do as others do, and yet his laft end is for himieif : But how can you believe, ifyou feel, not that . glory that cores fromGod faith Chrift ? here's. many , leek the honour of Chrift, but Ito you leek his honour oaely ? Is it your gaff end where you reff and Seek no more but that? If thou would{} know whether thou makeft Chrifts glory thy laft end, ob-ferve this rule.;: If :1:at, - ialgammemgalaAnamamma=manatanimissimmoniimmommIll