Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert. 135 Flans per -. his former furrow, and grows well again and ciì thinks himfelt found : the Lord Jefus never of hìinfelf. came to five fuck therefore Satan keeps poi- fefiion of them. For the Lords fake look to this fùbtilety ; many think themfelves in a good hate, b.ecaufe they know not the particular fin they live rn; whereas Satan may have stron- ger poffe(iion offuck as arebound with his in- viable petters and chains,when thofe that have theirpirching bolts on t hem may fooner efcape. Secondly,by giving the foul Liberty to recre- ate it fell in ariy finfiil courfe, wherein the eye ofcon fcience may not be pricked &wounded. Servants when they are put always to work & never can go abroad, are weary both ofwork and I faster that Mater pleafeth them that gi- veth themmoft liberty, to be pent up all the day long in doing Gods work,watchin ,pray - ing,.fight logagainft every fn,this is a burtben, this is too ftrit, and becaufe that they cannot endure it, they think the Lord looks not for it at their hands. Now Satan gives men liberty in :heir finful courfes:& this liberty begets peace, and this peace makes them thinkwell of them-.' felves, 2 Pet. 2. 19. There's many rotten Pro- feffors in thefe days, that indeed will not open'; their mouths againft the fixate- hearted people of God, yet they walk' loofely, and take too much liberty in their thoughts, liberty in heir defires and delights, liberty in their company, in their paf}ims, and that fometimes tinder a .pretence ofChrifttan liberty and never trou- ble themfelves with thefe needleífe controver- fies, to what end, or in what manner do I ufe thefe Byliber- ty in fin.