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7 he Sincere Convert. Y 37 it angry. They think only their falls in -there or Mans per- the like ns, are flips and falls which the belt dition is of him felf. men may have fometímcs, and. yet be a dear child of God. Ohl Satan will not always let men at his work; for if men f'houldalwaysi have their cups in their hands, & their queans in their arms ; if a covetous man thould always root in the earth, and never pray, never have gob(' thoughts, never keep any Sabbath, ifa man Ihould 'always fpeak icily, -and never good word drop from Inn, a mans confci ence would never bc-quiet, but thaking him up for what he doth; but b', giving him respite from finning for time, Sate n. geneth i ronger poífeihon afterward as Met. i z.43. When the ustclean Jlirit is done out of a man, it re- turns vore. ` Sarpfor's ftreng ih always re- mained and fo doth fins ftrength in a natu; nian, but it never appears until temptati come. - Fifthly; by giving the foul fair promifes of Pro' ilea Heavenand eternal life, and fafining them up- t heaven. on the. heart. hloft men are confident their eflates is good; and though God kills them, yet will they truftin him, and cannot be bea- ten from this. Why ? oh !Satan bewitcheth False t;a- them : for as he told Evah by the Serpent, she chess flat- fhould not die, fo doth he infínuate his ,per- k7imen finsin , fwafons to, the foul, though it live in fin, he cl r in fhall not die, but do well enough as the pre- Satan gives thus good. words but ry oful to them wages,the eternal flashes ofHell. chat thould 1 I. By false Teachers, who'partly by their dcdoun loose examples, partly by their flattering do- c` rive,