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i66 Mans per- ' dition is of =1:1440.41174-a-W.,. The Sincere Comvert. mon Proteilants.And this is a great fubtilty of the heart, that is', when a man thinks he can- not be faved by his good works and duties, but only byCl rift : he then hopeth, becaufe he is of this opinion, that when he bath done all boùan onprofit ablefervnat (which is only an ad or work of the judgement informed aright ) that therefore becaufe he is of this or pinion, he fhall be faved. But becaufe it is hard for to knowwhen a man ref'ts induties, & few men find themfelves guilty of this fin, which ruins fo many, I will thews two things. i. The flgnsàfa mans reaing in duties. 2.Theinfufficiency of all duties to five men; that fo thofe that be found guilty of this fin, Signs of maynot go on in it. mens reft- log in du- ties. Sign I. 2. Things keep us from Chaff. Firft, for the figns whereby a man may cer- tainly know, whe n he refb in his duties,which ifhe de, ( as few profeffors efpecially but they do ).he peritheth eternally. Firft, thofe that yet never faw they refied in them, they that never found it an hard matter to come out of their duties. For it's molt na- tural for a man to flick in them,becaufenature lets men uponbites., hence it's a hard matter to come out ofrefling in duties:For two things keep a man from Chriff. i. Sin. 2. Self. Now as a man is broken off from fin, by feeing and feeling it and groaning under the power of it : fo is a man broken from himfe/f. For men had ra- ther do any thing then come unto Chrift , there is fuch a de4 of felf in them ; there fore-