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The Sincere Convert. 167 Mans per- fore if thou hall no experience, that at no time di sou is of thou haft refted too much in thy duties, and },)rr) eir. then dicta groan to be delivered from there ','-^- infanglements, (I mean not from the doing of them, this is Familifr, and profanenefs,' but from refting in the bare performance of them) thou dolt rely upon thy dirties to this day. Thefe tell in duties, that prize the bare per. sign i. fo'rmance of duties'wonde,rfully for there A prizing duties that carry tree out of thy fell unto pé fnr 'Chriil, make thee to prize Chrift, Now tell manse of me, doll thou glory in thy fell ? Now I am cities. fome-body, I was ignorant, forgetful, hard- hearted, now I underftand and remember bet- ter, and can forrovw for my fins ; if thou doll reft here, thy cipaies never carryed thee further thenthy felf.Doft thou think after that thou hall prayed with fome life, now I have done very well and row thou doll verily think (meaning for thy duties) the Lord will fave thee; though thounever come to Chrift, and fayeft, as he in another cafe, Now I hope the Lord will dogood to me, feeing Ihave got a Prieft into my houfe, 7udg.17.I 3. Doll thou inhance the price of Duties thus, that thou doll dote on them ? then I do pronounce from God, thou dolt relt in them ; Thefe things ( faith Paul) I conntedgain (that is, before Fhil,3.t. his converfion to Chriff, he prized them e Good du ceediirgly) but nowIaccoarnt them lofs: And !vies mull this is the reafon why a child of God corn- lotin i monly after all his prayers, tears, and con- 'ceynparion leffions ; doubts much of Gods love towards of Chrift. M 4 Lim:!