Shepard - Houston-Packer Collection BV4914 .S5 1659

The Sincere Convert. do fo for a time, live like an Angel, thine like a Sun and at thy lafl gafp have but an idle thought , commit the leaf fin, that one rock will fink thee down even in the Haven, though never fo richly laden one fin, like a pen-knife at the heart, will flab thee ; one fin, like a little fire-flick in the thatch , will burn thee , one a& of treafon will hang thee, though thou haft lived never fo devoutly before, Etek, 8. 24. for it's a crooked life, when all the parts of the line of thy life be not firaight before Almighty God. Thirdly, fuppofe thou fhouldeft perfevere yet it's clear thou hail, finned grievoufly already, land doll thou think thine obedience for the time to come can fatisfie the Lord for all thofe rents behind, for all there fins pall.? as can a man that pays his rent boneftly every year, fatisfie hereby for the old rent not payed in twenty years ? all thy obedience isa new debt, which cannot fatisfie for debts pan : In- deed men may forgive wrong and debts,bc- caufe t key be but finite ; but the leafl fin is an infinite evil, and therefore God muff befatis- fied for it. Men may remit debts, and \ ere- main men ; but the Lord having faid, The fowl that finnethfball die, and his truth being himfelf, he cannot remain God if he for- give it without fatisfaRion. Therefore du- ties are but rotten crutches for a foul tonil upon. But to what end fhould we ufe any duties ? cannot a man be fared by his good prayers, nor forrows, nor repentings ? what Ihould we 173 Mans per is of hit-1-10f. The glory of iniper- tt aions is but as grafs. Gd z. ' 3. Our goo ad ions will pot fatisge fc fin paiL God can- not retrain God , and forgive fin without fa tisf aaio Objcff. To what end are our du; les,