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The Sincere Convert. 2 op firft Templewep4when they faw the glory Man made in a bik fft,'d the feconcl,& how i ..f,riour it was to the firft. eftate. You that either have the Temple ofGod be- gun to be repaired in yOu, Or not begun at. all; Oh think ofthe Temple burnt, the glory of bod nowvan4hed and loft,. This fpeaks comfort to all Gods people.Ifall vire 4. Adams pofferity were perfectly righteous in Comforc hirn,then thou thatart of the blood Royal,& in to Gods e. Chrift art perfetily righteous in him much peopl more, in as muchas the righteoufhefs ofthe fe- cond Adam exceeds thefirft, fo art thou more happY,more holy in the fecond Adam, then e- ver the firf in himfelfwas; hemight lofe all his righteoufnefs but the fecond Adam cannot, hath not ; fo that if Chrift may be damned, then thou mayeft, el fe not. This likewife reproveth three forts ofpeople. Vfe 5 i. Such as are afhamedofholinefs, Lord, what times are we fallen into now ? The image A three- fOld rete. ofGod, which was once mens glory, is now henfic,n their fhatne;& fin,which is mens fhame,is now their glory. The world bath raifed up many 1!1en for falle reports of holy courfes,calling it folly and (halm of precifenefs,pride,hypocrifie, and that whatfo-- the world enatIcrra d ever fhews men may make, they are as bad as taore the worft, if their fins werewrit in their fore- upon refl. heads. Hence it cometh to pats , that many a giouscour. man,who is ajmoft peaky' aded to be a newman, and to turn over a new leaf,dares not,will not, for fhameof the world, enter upon religious courfes. What will they think of rue then ? ( faith he ) men areafhamed to refute to drink healths, and hence maintain them lawful. Our C 3 gal-