Sibbes - BT153 .M4 S422 1638

I-6 ) ! ,Wicked men fooles. ne!Te, and trouble, and death, lV hen all hi~ .- trOll· bles meere in ~ center as it were, .. and hee hath~ e· nough ro doe to ·conflict v;ithhis ficknes. · · Againe, bee is a foole o• 3· tha~-will p1.iy .with edge.. )dling tooles; that makes'a fport with finne. · ~ - oflinne, heeisaJiwlethat · · provokes his betters-, that ihootes up arrowes, and cafis up ftones, that ihall fall an' hiS<owne hf:ad, bee that darts-out oathes,and · :blafphemies a'gainll God, ·that - !hall returne backe upon ·his· owne pate,many fuch fooles there are, God wilt n.ot . /;g/({/ them ~uiltleJit. , · He is ·afo,le that knowes not,