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3. Witdome. Chrift greater then Salomon, inwifdome, $.things. Joh.q.46. 4. Royal' glory. In Chrift,farre greater and better. Revel.rp.iz. Salomon a type ofc'hriß. fentlyafter,thekingdome was rent intopeeces : But oer Salomonbrings a peace which none (hall take away. I I I. Salomon excelled all other men in wifdome andknowledge, z Káng.4.29,30. But Chrin is the wif- dome ofthefather , and farre excells Salomon; as in . whom arehid all the treafures ofwifdome andknow- ledge, Col. z. 3. For r. Salomonhad wifdomeby do- nationand gift: Chriftswas native and proper. 2. S4- /moobyall his wifdome knew not mens thoughts : but Chrifl i newwhat was in mats, Ioh. 2. s s. 3. Salomon though very wife in himCelfe couldnot infufe.his wif- dome intoothers tomake them fo : But jefus Chri{t is madeofGodour wifdome, r Cor. r.3o.becaufe he is not onelyour head as King,but as Mediator,unto whomwe as members are myfically united. 4. S41omowwas net fo wife in the beginningofhis raigne, nor in the end : but our true Salomon was never de[fituteofthe wifdome of God. 5. Salomons wife fayings have commended his wifdome in all the ChurchofGod; the . fameofhis wife fpeeches and ac`tioas fpred through the world : But much more hath the fame ofChriftsdo- ttrine and miracles,Mat.4.24. And nevermanfpake our Salomon,by his adverfaries confeffion; thereforenot Salomon. IV. Salomon was a type of Chri{t in that hewas a Kingof greatefl royalty,wealthand glory that Ever was. He fo inrichedhis fubjefts, that fi?ver andgold were as common to them as [tones in the ftreets, i . King. 3.13. no Kingon earthwas like Salomon : but Salomon was no King to Chrift.Cant.3.r r. Comeforthye daughters of Sion, look! upan King Sa!otrtoii with the crowne wherewith his mother crownedhim dc. That was (nodeubt)royall andglorious tobehold; but we fha1l fee all Salomonglo- ry nothing to Chrifts. For r . Salomon had but one Ctowne : but Chrift hathmany Crownes on his head, 2. The maids of Sion admire Salomon for his, and re- verence