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Salomon a tykeofChrO. verence him : but all theSaints in earth and heavenho. nour and worfhipChrif with divine honour, which is given to none but God, 3. Salomon without wealth andabundance cannot enrich his fubjeas but Chrift out ofpoverty enricheth his : He being rich be- came poore to enrich us. 4. Salomon enricheth his people with filver, gold,and earthlywealth : Chrift the true Salomon Both his with heavenly and fpirituall wealth ; as ofwifdome, the price of which is above Myer; offaith much more precious then gold; and all other graces to which all worldly wealth is but as Danes in the 1 reet,yea dung and droffe. 5 . Salomon throne was fet above all the thrones of the Kings of the earth: but Chritts farte above Sdomons. He is the great King ofglory exalted unto the right handofGod and ruleth not a fmall corner of the earth, but bath all power in heaven and earth. Neither BothChrifls humility and abatement hinder his glory; for whenhe was loweff he (hewedgreater glory in the leali of his many miracles, then Salomon in all his royalty. Nay more, hewas more triumphant upon the Croffe , and rode in more mag- nificence then ever Salomon did in all his golden Chariots. V. Salomon was a type of Chrift in r. building, S. 2. dedicating, 3. ordering the Temple. T. In the buil- i.ædifican- ding. r. Salomon according to the wifdome and large s do. 9 heart which Godgave him, built God an houlewhere- dedicax- inhedwelt at Jerufalam; for God kept houle and fire ' do' 3. con : flitaa- in Siow,_J/a,3 1.9.. and Salomon, fet him up a banding eedo. houle. Our trueSalomon builds an houle for God, even strz,ftine, for the blefler] Trinity todrrelin, Not a materiali houle oh :3 ofDones, or ofgold,filvcr, wood,marble; but afpiritsial houleof!ivingflone.c. And as the houle isfpirituall : fo r p Z.S. are the.meanes and infiruments he ufeth. His rule is the eter word of God; Pfa. r9,4.. Their line it _doneforth through all the earth; and their words into the ends ofthe iworld, The 79 MINOMMMIROOMpomimmodi