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de.- Yoolo Salomon a type of ChrtJl. The hammer 47 which he hewes and poli(heth t+efe rugged fioncs is the fame word or doErine of the cr.13 Law.Thecement by which he couples them to the head, is faith,and to the rnembers,is love and charity. z. S4- `PMon being to build his Temple could not find matter enough for his building in his owne country of Judea, but fent abroad to Herwee a Gentile, and to Pervaim (now Peruas fogne thinke) and toother farre andre- mote parts for fupply : So our Salomon for his fpirirnall buildinggathers matter not only out of Judeahis owne ancient people, but contraas friendship with the Gen- tiles, and the come in out of the aloft remote partsof all the world to fet forward that building, therefore the Church is nowCatholike. ;. Salomon preparedgreat flows to lay iii thefoundation ofthe ,houfe : r. King. 5.17. but as great and cofkly as they were they could not up- hold that houfe, but it muff fall toruine anddeftruaion: Our true Salomon by inimitable art, layes himfelfe, a foundation in Sion a an eleEt, preciou, and chiefe corner Hone, Upon which (rare foundation, he fo aptly layes andknits every living Rone, that is, every, beleever, that all the gates of hell cannot prevaile againft any one of them, Mat, 16. 18. 4. Salornos in that building pre- pared and hewed (tones in Mount Lebanon, r.King,6.7, andbeing fo fquared and fit, not an axe or hammer, nor any toole of Irenwas heardwhile thehoufe was a building. Our Salomon admits no [lone into his building which is not firft prepared and initiated by the word and Sacraments, and being fitted, layes them on the foundation without any more fhaking by hammer or hatchet, andknits them to the other {tones by the durable cement ofChrif}ian love and charity, fo as now the noyfe ofcontention, nor blower ofbittterneffe and Dedication, hatred are beard among them any more. 2. Indedi- cationof the Temple. r. Salomon confecrated that houfe to the ferviceofGodby folemne prayer, implo- ring lay28.'6%